Rome Nightlife, Restaurants and Cafes


Rome Restaurants and Cafes

Rome nightlife is a true dining pleasure, with dozens of really great restaurants to choose from. To start, why not head to Trastavere, the city's famous food district. Dar Poeta (45 Vicolo del Bologna, Rome 00153; +39 06 588 0516; has amazing wood-fired pizzas with unique basese that combine thin Roman style with thick Neapolitan style. It's open daily for dinner, and serves all day at weekends.

A quick and cheap option for budget travellers to taste Rome nightlife on the go is Pastarito (43 Piazza Euclide, Rome; +39 06 8088364;, a chain of 10 restaurants around Rome that offer top quality pastas and pizzas for as little as €10 per serving.

One culinary delight of Rome restaurants you won't want to miss is the fantastic ice cream in the city's gelateria. Il Gelato di San Crispino (42 via della Panetteria, Rome; +39 066 793924; has dozens of different flavors from the classic vanilla to hazelnut to whisky to ricotta cheese and many more. This vendor has five locations in the city, so you have no excuse not to try their delicious treats.

If you're looking for somewhere to while away the evening, why not sample Rome nightlife at its elegant best at one of the city's enoteca or wine bars. Cul de Sac (73 Piazza Pasquino, Rome 00186; +39 066 8801094; is one of the city's oldest and has some 1,500 wines in stock. You can also grab something to eat here even late at night, as the Cul de Sac serves an eclectic range of local and international dishes until 1am.

Rome nightlife also includes many great pubs, bars and clubs. The Trinity College Disco Pub (6 via del Collegio Romano, Rome 00186; +39 066786472;, for example, has a top rate choice of drinks plus live sporting events and DJ sets. You're sure to find plenty of fellow international travellers at this popular spot. Next to the famous Colosseum, you'll find the Ice Club (17 via della Madonna del Monti, Rome; +39 0697845581;, a unique bar made entirely of ice. It's also home to a very special offer in which you pay an entrance fee of €20 and then you can drink as many cocktails as you like!

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