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Throughout centuries, Rome has been one of the most important cities in the world. Located in the heart of old Europe, it was once the capital of the ancient Roman Empire. This era has left a wonderful legacy of beautiful historical sights that few other places on the globe can match. This great city is peppered with historical points of interest that make Rome travel a captivating experience for any visitor young or old.

Venues like the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus can transport you back in time to the era of gladiatorial battles and ancient contests. The amazing Roman forum is another true historical highlight of Rome travel, where you can see how the city was managed more than two thousand years ago. The Pantheon is a similar feast for the eyes as an 1,800-year-old building that remains remarkably well preserved.

And that's not all because when it comes to history, Rome travel has enough sights to tire out the most ardent buff. There's the fascinating Theatre of Marcellus, an ancient venue built in the second century that has since served as both a fortress and a palace. Another top sight is the Catacombs, where visitors can bear witness to the many Christians that were martyred in the early centuries of the faith. And don't forget that Rome is a long-standing center for classical art: many of the world's most beautiful paintings are to be found here in galleries like the National Gallery of Antique Art.

Of course history is not the only reason for Rome travel. The magnificent Vatican, a city within a city, is a sight that justifies a trip to Rome by itself. As the seat of the global Catholic Church and the home of the Pope, it is a mecca for Christians from all over the world. As well as being a religious center, this wonderful place is an architectural marvel and a treasure trove of captivating works of art.

And don't worry about what to do when you're worn out from so much fantastic sightseeing - la bella vita, or the beautiful life, awaits you here in Rome. Taste the world’s best pasta dishes, sample delicious Italian wines like Chianti and Pinot Grigio, take in the delights of classic opera and sip on some of the best gourmet coffees you’re likely to get just about anywhere.


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